Social and recreation

5.2 Community support

Tautoko hapori

We provide support for all communities and affordable housing for those in need.

What we do

We want Wellington to be a people-centred city where people feel welcome – a city that fosters diverse and inclusive communities.

To enable this we provide libraries, halls and community centres that act as focal points for community activity and provide opportunities for people to connect with each other.

We support partnerships and programmes within communities and neighbourhoods as a way of building local community resilience. We work with our partners to ensure the city’s social infrastructure supports vulnerable people in the city. Through the provision of social housing we help meet the basic housing needs of many people in our city.

Key projectsTop

Measuring our performanceTop

Our targets for 2014/15 are:

What it will costTop

5.2 - Community support Operating expenditure 2014/15 Capital expenditure
Income Expenditure Net expenditure Total
($000) ($000) ($000) ($000)
5.2.1 - Libraries (1,733) 20,9431 19,210 2,280
5.2.2 - Access support (Leisure Card) - 54 54 -
5.2.3 - Community advocacy - 1,473 1,473 -
5.2.4 - Grants (Social and Recreation) (19) 2,796 2,777 -
5.2.5 - Housing (54,075) 25,467 (28,608)2 37,104
5.2.6 - Community centres and halls (220) 2,967 2,747 22
2014/15 5.2 Total (56,047) 53,700 (2,347) 39,406
2013/14 Total (53,247) 52,656 (591) 32,724
2012–22 LTP Yr 3 Total (48,629) 52,188 3,559 35,639
Variance 2012–22 LTP Yr 3 to DAP 14/15 (7,418) 1,512 (5,906) 3,767

1This figure includes the direct costs of delivering library services and a proportion of the Council's internal corporate costs. The direct costs of providing library services is proposed to increase. This has been offset to a degree through a reduction in back office costs, which has reduced the internal charges applied to library (and all other) services.

2Net expenditure on the housing activity includes Government funding for capital expenditure upgrades of Council owned social housing.

11This figure has been updated from the LTP to reflect a more accurate methodology.
12This figure has been updated from the LTP to reflect higher than anticipated attendees.
13This figure has been updated from the LTP to reflect a new methodology that calculates occupancy based on the total number of hours a facility can be booked, rather than a mix of bookable and staffed hours.