Next steps

We would like to hear your feedback on our draft plan.

You can make your submission:

You also have the opportunity to present your submission to Councillors.

Please make your views known before 5pm on 11 March 2014.

Every year, we update our plans in response to public input. We appreciate people taking the time to make submissions, and we take them all seriously. The Mayor and Councillors will get copies of every submission. A committee will listen to oral submissions at the end of March, with final decisions being made in April. If you make a submission, we’ll write to you and let you know what was decided.

We’re happy to attend a meeting of your group or organisation at any time during the consultation period to discuss the draft plan and your ideas (see contact details above).

You can get extra copies of this draft plan from libraries or Council offices. You can also download copies from

If you do not wish to make a formal submission, you can still have a say on this draft plan. Our Capital Voice is an online panel where you can give your views on Council plans and initiatives. During the consultation period, you will be able to comment on this draft plan through Our Capital Voice. The results of these will be summarised and reported back to inform decisions on the final plan. However, providing feedback through Our Capital Voice is not the same as making a formal submission because your views will only be summarised along with all the other views expressed. If you would like your feedback to be considered directly, and in full, please make a formal submission as above.